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"We were praying for an opportunity for our family to LIVE MORE, GIVE MORE and SAVE MORE. What was once an opportunity is now a reality for us (and our family and friends who have joined us in this adventure!)"

- Stacey 

what i actually do

Let me break down what I actually do, so you can understand how ANYONE can do this:


ItWorks is an online Health and Wellness store with a wide variety of amazing products! We carry products such as weight loss, hair growth, a two-day cleanse, fat-burning coffee and the famous body toning wraps to tighten skin! 


The company itself doesn’t pay for advertising, so that’s what our job is! We use social media as our platform and share the products and the business with people in a non-spammy way. Another benefit is that we don’t have to keep inventory or spend our own money (or stress about selling it all out to get our money back!) We’re just given a website and anybody who wants to sign up to try products gets referred to our website and the company ships the product right to them! 


So all we do is talk to people, advertise, and inspire people to make money with us! You can also work from your phone, so you can do it wherever you are and whenever you want! 


I’ve been in business for five years and went from struggling to SIX FIGURES in less than eighteen months! It honestly just depends how much effort you want to give it.

I can thankfully say this business has worked for me and provided SO MUCH for my family -- income, debt paid off, memories together, and so much more. If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO!

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